Investment Loans

Investing in property is a great way to build your families wealth for the future and when all the components are right including the structure of the finance, a property portfolio can mean financial freedom down the track.

There are many risks in property investing however that extend past just whether you have picked the right property. Ensure you get the best possible advice by relying on your professional team such as your accountant or conveyancer to help minimise some of these risks and give you every opportunity for successful investing. We are here to help you from the finance point of view and back you every step of the way along the journey.

We can help with:

  • Choosing a loan from a wide range of lenders and product types at competitive interest rates;
  • Finding a loan for customers who sometimes have difficulty obtaining finance through traditional banks such as self-employed or those with adverse credit histories;
  • Structuring a transaction that meets your long-term portfolio objectives not just getting the easiest deal put through for this transaction;
  • Assisting those looking to purchase property in their self-managed super fund which can be tricky and time consuming with the amount of regulation;
  • Working as part of a team with your other professional advisors such as your accountant and financial planner to get you the most suitable overall solution.

Whether it is residential or commercial investment we have the experience and solutions to help. Please contact us to discuss your scenario today.