Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Home Loans and Investment Loans

Please find some general information below – note, this is general advice only and Jobelle Finance has not considered your individual circumstances when writing any of the information on the website. It is provided in good faith to give you some guidance around the process. At the time of writing we believe to the best of our ability the information provided is accurate and this website is kept up to date on a regular basis

We encourage everyone who is looking for information for their own circumstances to contact us directly to discuss.

Don’t worry if you have a question that is not listed below – just hop over to our Contact page and send me an email or give me a call.

  • The process can be broken down to the following:

    Meet and get to know each other – probably the most vital stage is me understanding your unique personal circumstances including your goals and objectives as well as your financial position. This is also time for you to get comfortable for Jobelle Finance to represent you in your lending application. I will always come to you to meet you face to face and provide you with a range of options to choose from.

    Application – Submitting a loan application through to a lender can be a scary task if you are going alone. Using a broker means that all that hard work is taken away from you and given our intimate knowledge of the products and processes we can submit applications with the confidence of getting an approval. If there is anything that maybe slightly unusual in the application we can liaise direct with the lender prior to physically lodging the application to understand their appetite for the transaction.

    Approval – Congratulations! At this stage you are well on your way to owning your dream property or the investment property that will look after your future! Approvals are either unconditional (i.e. nothing more to do than sign documentation) or conditional meaning the lender requires some more information/action prior to settling the loan. If this is a pre-approval it means you can now go hunting for houses and negotiate from a position of certainty.

    Documentation – The terms and conditions, the paperwork, whatever you like to call it this is an important part of the process so you understand your commitment and obligations. Many just sign away however we will help you understand from a lending point of view and if you are a guarantor to a loan this is where you may get a lawyer involved. As always though we are here to help ever step of the way.

    Settlement – The exciting part!!! The lender will attend settlement and exchange funds for you to take ownership of the title and the transaction is complete.

  • A typical question mainly due to the fact that our awesome work is generally paid for by the lenders through commission arrangements so at no upfront cost to you. If there is the unusual situation where we have a unique situation and we are required to do excessive work upfront then we will inform you in writing if there are any charges and the conditions of those charges. In almost every case though in the home loan space we do not charge a fee.

    Commission – does that mean you just ‘sell’ me the loan that gets you the most commission for you?

    At Jobelle Finance we pride ourselves on being genuine and above all ethical. The reason we get very thorough in finding out about you and your circumstances is to ensure that the products we are recommending are suitable for you. We are also under a regulatory obligation to ensure the products we recommend are not unsuitable for your circumstances and we disclose commission received to you. Above all we wouldn’t have a business if we went around only thinking of ourselves and commission cheque. We are never shy about this and happy to discuss at your appointment before the application stage.


  • We definitely can as we are mobile currently so most of our appointments will be at your home to make it easier for you – if you prefer to meet in a cafe, your workplace or anywhere else within reason we are more than happy to accommodate!

    During my years in banking I know customers appreciate the effort when I went to go and see them where they felt comfortable so I do not see any reason for this to stop!

    Contact us now to book a time

  • Whilst every application and circumstance is going to be different it is possible for you to pre-fill some of the personal details and financial information onto a secure internet based ‘Fact Find’ prior to our meeting. This will enable us to have a more efficient discussion at our first meeting. It is quick and easy to complete the form and if there is anything that doesn’t make sense we will cover off when we meet.

    Please contact us and we will be able to provide you details of the link. Verification documents such as payslips etc will be collected at the face to face meeting.


  • Anyone is free to come and have a chat with us or send us an email as there are many products that specifically cater for those that may have had some issues in the past including bankruptcy, defaults and arrears.

    If we cannot help you we will try and point you in the right direction however chances are we might be able to assist.

  • Any conversation we have is strictly confidential and your information is safe. We only disclose information to parties relevant to the transaction such as the lenders or your accountant. The Privacy Act overrides our industry which we have to comply with in terms of how we collect, use and store information. 

    Please see our Privacy Policy for more information